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MeetingGold is an iPad app for business meetings.

The aim of MeetingGold is to help make your meetings painless and productive. It can help you improve the way you run meetings so that they become an effective and efficient means of communication, decision making and action. 

Use MeetingGold to:

  • quickly and easily prepare for meetings,
  • write meeting notes,
  • distribute meeting notes (including Microsoft Word format documents),
  • manage your actions,
  • montior progress of your colleagues' and subordinates' actions,
  • collaborate with colleagues efficiently. 

Preparing for meetings

Most people use a pen and paper or a word processor to take meeting notes. This results in the information being difficult to find later. Leafing through note books for all the actions assigned to a subordinate is a tedious and error prone activity.

With MeetingGold you can quickly and easily gather the information required for a meeting. You create a new meeting document from the relevant parts of past meetings and/or add your own new information. This results in a very fast, very simple way to create new meeting documents, ready for the meeting. 

Participating in meetings

With MeetingGold you can type text notes and you can include pictures (either from the iPad camera roll or if you have an iPad2, by taking pictures during the meeting e.g. of white board diagrams, papers handed out or presentation slides).

Noting actions is quick and efficient. You can assign responsibility for the action to one or more people and make additional notes easily.

If there are questions for anyone who is not present these are easily noted and will be accessible later when you seen the relevant person along with any questions for them from other meetings.

The summary feature allows you to draw a proper conclusion to each of your agenda items which means that your meetings are more efficient and clear for everyone. When the meeting notes are sent out an executive summary is automatically created.

This video shows basic use of Meeting Gold from first time use and includes: creating a meeting document, how to add attendees, writing notes, adding actions, sending meeting notes out and how to follow-up after meetings.

Following-up after meetings

Many people are dissatisfied with meetings because, often, nothing happens as a result of them. Usually this is due to poor follow-up after the meeting. MeetingGold has a full task management system built in. This tracks both your actions and those of your colleagues. It enables you to do the right tasks at the right time and to chase your colleagues at the right time.


Get your colleagues to use MeetingGold and you can share meeting documents by email. Shared documents are automatically included in each person's MeetingGold which means that any actions they have are automatically added to their task list. 

If colleagues don't have MeetingGold a MS Word format (.docx) document is included in the email so that everyone can work with meeting gold. The word document includes an agenda summary and an executive summary.

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