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How to use the Meeting Gold Roll Call feature

This video shows how to use the Roll Call feature including marking people present, marking people late (with their excuse noted), showing that people are absent with (or without) apology. It also shows how to create a summary of the roll call with just one tap and explains some of the other roll call features.


How to track actions using Meeting Gold

This video shows how to use Meeting Gold's task or action tracking features to efficiently track actions. You can also read more about it on the how to track actions page.


Meeting Gold Video: Create and email an agenda using extract.

Shows how to create an agenda using the extract feature. This allows you to type up the agenda quickly and then create all the agenda items easily. It then shows how to email the agenda prior to the meeting giving detail as to how to choose the right settings to just send the agenda and meeting header but no other parts of the document.

Meeting Gold 101

Shows what to expect when using the app for the first time and includes: creating a meeting document, how to add attendees, writing meeting notes, adding actions, sending meeting notes out and how to follow-up after the meeting.

Create a personal work schedule in MeetingGold

Shows how to make a to do list in MeetingGold. How to update the actions in the list and then how to see them in their original meeting documents.