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★ 3%

That's 91% four and five star ratings.


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  • Hands down Best App I have ever purchased ★★★★★     
  • There is no better meeting manager ★★★★★   
  • Great app and great support ★★★★★   
  • Best Meeting App Available ★★★★★    
  • A brilliant organiser for meetings ★★★★★    
  • Comes as advertised, best app bought to date ★★★★★  
  • The best meeting agenda app... ★★★★★      
  • A fabulous way to manage agenda context for GTD ★★★★★     
  • Fantastic -makes meetings useful! ★★★★★     
  • Great App! ★★★★★    
  • Powerful app with great potential ★★★★★     
  • More than just meeting notes ★★★★  
  • Fantastic - Just what I was looking for ★★★★★    
  • Easy to use ★★★★    
  • 6 stars out of 5. Almost perfect ★★★★★     
  • Very good app ★★★★★     
  • Awesome App!! ★★★★★     
  • Great promise ★★★★    
  • Good program ★★★★★     
  • great ★★★★★     
  • Nicely done  ★★★★★     
  • What I've been waiting for ★★★★★     
  • Outstanding app ★★★★★     
  • Still loving this app!!! ★★★★★     
  • Love it ★★★★★      
  • Latest update is a huge step forward ★★★★★     
  • Just What I Needed ★★★★★     
  • Great app for business users ★★★★     
  • Great App ★★★★★    
  • Die Beste ★★★★     
  • Pratique en réunion ★★★★★    
  • Fantastic and well thought out ★★★★★    
  • Exzellente APP ★★★★★     
  • So glad I found it! ★★★★★       
  • Very Comprehensive ★★★★★    
  • Excellent Meetings/Actions management ★★★★★     
  • At last...I've found what I've been looking for! ★★★★★   


Best Minute taking app!★★★★★
Feb 6, 2013 by Time constrained
This app makes it VERY easy for unorganised people, like me, to take any minutes, send it out just as you finish the meeting and follow up on action items effortlessly! It also helps to prioritise your own tasks. Highly recommended.

Amazing App! ★★★★★
by Leo Lyon - Version 3.1.4 - Nov 29, 2012
I'm a physician and also have training in computers and medical informatics. I was just moved into a position in which I am accountable for making many modifications in our work flow and documentation that are crucial for patient safety. Of course, this entails attending MULTIPLE meetings with MULTIPLE people and tracking a HUGE variety of tasks and agenda items. I'd planned on keeping track of various tasks with an Excel spreadsheet but decided to see if there were any iPad apps that may be of some use. This app isn't just useful ... It is downright incredible!!! I spent 3 hours tonight typing in all of the tasks that I need to track over the next few months and then was rapidly able to "extract" them into 70+ action items. I also have 2 meetings tomorrow and was able to morph these items into an organized agenda in about five minutes. I'm just starting to learn all of the powerful features of Meeting Gold, but I'm already blown away. And I'm not someone who is easily impressed ...


So glad I found it! ★★★★★
by lovemeetingsagain - Version 2.1 - Oct 9, 2012
What a great App! And works so well with the iPad... The daunting prospect of taking minutes no longer haunts me thanks to MeetingGold. The ease in which you can make notes under various categories is terrific. The way you are able insert Action and Agenda items when and where needed is great. Also the way you are able to 'dissect' your minutes after the meeting and send around just Action Items to those responsible, or pull out the Agenda Items for the next meeting with a minimum of fuss is fantastic. They way you can snap a photo of the whiteboard information or handout and just include it in the notes is a time saver. The email format is simple and effective, allowing you to chose how much or how little you want to circulate, and it seems to save hours of going through written notes or dictaphones to find out what is necessary. Great value for such small price - highly recommend it to anyone involved in taking minutes at meetings or simply for their own meeting notes.

Hands down "Best App" I have ever purchased" ★★★★★

by Malfrey - Version 2.1 - Sep 24, 2012

I have been using the IPad from day one. I have struggled to find applications that make the iPad a truly useful device and not just another piece of technology that gets in the way of simpler processes. "Meeting Gold" has finally delivered what I have been searching for. It is extremely well thought out, easy to navigate, and makes documenting the dozens of meetings I attend weekly a truly pleasing experience. The accountability from my direct reports has risen to a new level thanks to the documentation provided from this app. There is now no longer a reason not to provide all parties a follow up email which truly outlines your expectations of them following a production meeting. I have been sending a copy of my notes to my clients after meetings and the response has been overwhelmingly positive and they are taken aback by the detail to which the meeting was easily documented. I would purchase an IPad just to use this App.

At last...I've found what I've been looking for! - After purchasing and testing literally dozens of various journal, daily notes, notebooks and other applications that promised but didn't deliver...I stumbled upon this gem of an app.I wanted an application where I can quickly and accurately record my meetings and conversations, including phone calls. And more importantly, to capture the key outcomes, actions and questions, assign them to individuals or groups, track them and be able to quickly and easily search or list by action type or all actions assigned to one of my staff...this application does all of that and more.Meetings and agendas can be quickly created and items from previous meetings easily incorporated. Participant photos is a nice touch and is of great assistance if you are meeting with lots of different people...particularly if you are getting a bit older like me :-)And then, following the meeting, simply press the e-mail button and automatically send the meeting notes to all of those who have participated (and add or delete others). Participants with an iPad and this app can participate in the meeting while others can view the notes via the Word .doc generated as an attachment to the email.I know I'm sounding like a salesperson for this...but sincerely, I'm really impressed. And to top it off, the creator is very approachable and responsive to questions...and receptive to ideas of how to further improve the application.Definitely a unique and very capable app and does the trick for me...thanks Bill and well done with your work on this. - Ian Lanyon

Latest update is a huge step forward - ★★★★★

by gregparson - Version 2.0 - Apr 17, 2012

I've purchased dozens of apps over the past couple of years, and have come to expect modest updates periodically, but not large leaps forward. The latest update of Meeting Gold is a startling transformation! Literally all of the things that disappointed me about the previous version have been resolved. They've simultaneously made it much more flexible, and made it easier to use. I was ready to delete this app, but am now a fan again.

6 stars out of 5. Almost perfect ★★★★★

by Karsten Seiferlin - Version 2.0 - May 11, 2012

This app is really pure gold and deserves 6 stars, not 5. Since the appearance of the iPad I was desparately looking for an app that helps taking meeting minutes, incl. notes, actions, attendee lists etc. I tried probably more than 20 different note taking apps. I tried 7 to 10 apps specialized on meeting minutes. Not a single one met my expectations. MeetingGold exceeds my dreams. I don't want to repeat all the features here, but I strongly recommend to look at the author's homepage. There are nice demo videos, tutorials, very valuable tipps and interesting blog articles about how to do meetings. The website will tell you anything you want to know about the app. Let me only conclude that it works just great and I don't want to do meetings without it any longer. It is worth the price and much more. The author is also listening to customers and usually very quick in responding.

About karsten: Karsten works for the Space Research & Planetary Sciences Division at the University of Bern. He is a senior project manager working on large space projects involving many mission critical meetings interfacing between many partner organisations. In particular ensuring that questions that pop up during meetings are always answered, avoiding lose ends and mismatches in interfaces is a big challenge and close to impossible without the right tools.

What I've been waiting for ★★★★★

by Bikerbudmatt - Version 2.1 - Jun 13, 2012

Meeting Gold has it all: • a structured approach to building meeting plans (agendas) • deep integration with the Address Book • carry-forward of incomplete actions • a meaningful follow-up system Clearly an app written by someone who has been in real-world meetings, which are not the same as software developer meetings. The author understands organizations, and the value of running meetings for results rather than appearances. Further, this app has great support. When I ran into an issue with 24-hour vs. 12-hour time expressions, Bill was right there to analyze the problem, fix it, and then follow up to make sure the fix was working for me, personally. While there are other examples of this kind of support in the apposphere, it is especially appreciated by someone who sits "in the chair" and would be quite embarrassed if the app caused glitches and troubles during a live meeting. It does not. What it does do is ensure that meetings are efficient and effective. Highly recommended.

A fabulous way to manage agenda context for GTD ★★★★★

by OllieandBiss - Version 2.1 - Aug 18, 2012

I discovered this app after purchasing and trying 2 others. MEETING GOLD is by far the more elegant and feature rich. Our university department is moving to paperless and I need a way to prepare for, record and follow up the many meetings that are a central part of my work. I follow GTD and use Omnifocus as my task manager. However, I have always found tracking the agenda context in GTD a bit clunky. GTD focuses on contexts, actions and project support material. MEETING GOLD manages this combination of material very elegantly, far more elegantly than Omnifocus (although I also love OF). What I especially like is the ability to integrate in MEETING GOLD agenda items, preparation notes, the record of the meeting, materials for or from the meeting, and then actions or outcomes. Then I can email a well formatted version of this information to myself and attendees. MEETING GOLD does a great job. The developer is also very responsive to requests for help and suggestions. Before stumbling on this app, I tried a different one (quite high priced). But there was no way to contact the developer. I just got stuck in an endless loop between the app page and a web page. No email address. In contrast the developer of MEETING GOLD responded to my email within hours offering to resolve my minor issue and asking for my thoughts on future plans for the app. This app is money well spent for me today and I expect it to keep getting better. I recommend it to all, especially to adherents of GTD who are looking for an integrated solution for agendas and meetings.


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