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Often in a meeting there are other files that are used, for example a power point presentation, a word or pdf document or a spreadsheet. You can attach files to your meeting document from any other app that supports 'Open in Meeting Gold'. Most apps that use files support 'open in' including the email app, Dropbox and many others.

First add an Attachment Document Part

To attach a document or file to a meeting document you need to add an attachment document part by tapping the paper clip icon  at the bottom of document or on the add menu or using the add above/below on the menu to the left of each document part.

This creates an attachment document part like the one shown here. 

You can add as many attachment document parts as you like, one for each attachment.

Next you need get the file to attach.

Attaching a file from the hold list

If you've already placed a file in the hold list you can get it by tapping the menu icon on the left of your attachment document part and tapping 'Choose from hold list'. This will show a list of files that are available. Tap the one you want and it will be attached.

This example shows 'Presentation.pptx' a powerpoint file which has previously been placed on the hold list (see below for how to place files on the hold list). Once you tap the file you want it is attached and shown in the attachment document part.

Attaching a file directly

Alternatively, if you don't already have files on your hold list you can prepare the attachment document part to receive a file. Just tap the menu icon on the left and choose 'Prepare to receive'.

Now switch to another app (e.g. Dropbox) to find the file you want to attach.

In this screen shot from Dropbox you can see that the Spreadsheet.xlsx file is selected.

Tap on the send icon and choose 'Open in Meeting Gold'.

Meeting Gold will open and you'll be given the choice of putting the file in the hold list or attaching it. Choose 'Attach' and your meeting document will open and the file will be attached.

How to add files to the hold list

The hold list is particularly useful when you want to add a number of files to a meeting. Just repeatedly add files to the hold list until you have all the files you want to attach and then go into your meeting document and add the attachment document parts for each file and add the files from the hold list.

To add a file to the hold list open the app where the file is stored (the example below shows Dropbox).

Tap 'Open in Meeting Gold' (in most apps this is found on the send menu). When the open in menu opens it will list all of the apps that are installed on your iPad that can open that document type. Meeting Gold should work with all document types. If you find an instance where Meeting Gold is not listed in the 'open in' list please let us know via the support page.

Tap 'Open in Meeting Gold' and Meeting Gold will open and give you the choice to add the file to the hold list or to cancel.  Tap 'Hold' and the file will be added to the hold list.

You can now tap the menu icon next to an attachment document part and tap 'Choose from hold list' to attach the file.

Meeting Gold not listed?

How to view an attached file

Just tap on the file name in the attachment document part and an open in list will open to show you the apps installed on your iPad that will open the attachment. Just tap on the one you want.

Other attachment features

You can move an attachment back to the hold list or delete it completely by using the menu icon to the left of the attachment.