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There are a number of ways to create an agenda and email it out to the meeting attendees and to a degree it depends on how you like to work and how Meeting Gold fits into your work flow.

This video shows how you can type in a list of agenda items (one per line) or paste them in from another app (e.g. email, pages, Dropbox, etc.) and use the extract features to take each agenda point (one per line of text) and put them into proper agenda items. It then shows how to use the email settings features to send the agenda to the meeting attendees. 

 Important things to note:

1. You must ensure that the word 'Agenda:' is in the text and is immediately followed by lines of text that are agenda items. Once line per agenda item. The extract feature will find the word 'Agenda:' and then grab each new line until the end of the text or until it finds a blank line. It will then present the agenda items that it has found and you can decide to include them (or not). Once you have chosen Meeting Gold will then add agenda items into your document. 

2. To paste from other apps you need to hightlight the text that you want (usually by holding your finger on the text for a second to get the context menu, tapping 'select', moving the highlight to cover all of the text you want and then tapping 'copy'.

3. Copying from PDFs in the iPad cuts out carriage returns so that all the lines run into one (this is the same for all iPad apps not just Meeting Gold - try pasting into an email for example). This means that the extract feature can't identify different agenda items and you'll need to manually add carriage returns first. New improved agenda extraction will be in  a future version of Meeting Gold.