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In most meetings the items on the agenda have been discussed before. For example if you have an agenda item where you discuss issues with your supply chain, there will be actions and questions resulting from that discussion that cannot be immediately resolved. Typically, you will than meet again at a later date to discuss progress and check that actions have been carried out and questions answered. Usually, this results in further actions being assigned.

To create a follow-on meeting in MeetingGold you simply select a view that shows the document parts you want to include in the new meeting. For example, select the 'Meetings with Agenda Items' view. Select the document parts you want to discuss by tapping the gold checkbox next to each item. If you want to you can simply select a previous meeting rather than individual document parts.

Next, tap the gold + at the top right and create a new document containing the selected items.

You now have a new meeting document containing all of the things you need to talk about.

If the document parts you want are not available in the same view you can close the document, choose a different view, select the items you want and use the 'add selected items to the last open document'.