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If you have people reporting to you it is essential that you have regular catch-up meetings or phone calls with them to ensure that they are delivering on their actions.  If you are 100% on the ball then they will know that if they agree to do an action you won't forget about it. It is therefore much more likely to get done. Using MeetingGold you can easily gather together all of the actions for each individual no matter which project it may be in.

Choose an appropriate view: 'Everything Pending For...' is a good one for this as it allows you to see everything that a person is involved in at the moment.

Select the person in the person view at the top and you will see everything for that person.

Select the document parts you want to discuss by tapping the checkbox for each item.

Tap the gold + at the top right and create a new meeting document with the selected items.

You'll note that all of the items you are catching up on are from many different projects and the notes you make for each item will carry forward into meetings about those projects - automatically making sure that the information for those projects is up to date and you don't have to go looking for informtion about them in different documents.