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Inserting new text sections

Text editing works on a 'document part' basis. You can create a new text document part and append it to the document from the add icon  at the top right or by tapping the text icon  at the end of the document.

To insert midway in the document you tap the menu icon  of the document part above or below where you want to add text. Then chose 'Add above' or 'Add below' as appropriate.


Formatting Text

You can format the text in a document part by tapping the menu icon  on the left next to the text you want to format. 

Note: text is formatted on a section or 'paragraph' basis i.e. all the text in the document part takes on the same format.


You can use the pre-configured paragraph styling or change it to your personal requirements using 'Font Format'.

Paragraph styles are consistent with the common paragraph styles in Microsoft Word documents so that any styling you use in your MeetingGold documents will carry over into the Word documents you send with meeting notes.


You can change the typeface, the font size, the color and the background color.

To move paragraphs use the menu icon and cut and paste.

Style Sheets

You can change the appearance of the whole document by using a style sheet. When you are editing a document tap the style sheet icon  and choose a style. If you have individually selected font styles for particular paragraphs these will be left alone when the restyling is done.