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The extract feature allows you to take text (for example that you've pasted in from another app, that has been created for you when you made a meeting document from a calendar entry or that you've typed in manually) and turn it into document parts.

The text to extract has to be in a particular format for the extract feature to work.

To extract actions you need to start the line with an attendee's initials followed by '!' and then the action text takes the rest of the line. So for example if Bill Burgar is an attendee and you type a line like the one below you'll be able to use the extract feature.

BB! Add an article to the how-to section of the web site about the extract feature.

Once you've entered a line like the one above and you tap the menu icon to the left you'll see that a new option is there called 'Extract'. If you tap 'Extract' you'll be shown a list of the items that will be extracted. You can choose to include of exclude them and whether to make a copy of the line (i.e. leave the text as it is but create a new action) or move the line (which will remove the line and create a new action) or just delete the line (useful if you've used copy previously and are now ready to delete the line).

You can also choose to insert blank text items in between the extracted document part. This is more useful for extracting agenda items.

The initials are taken from first name then surname. If there is a clash then the second name in list will also append the second letter of the surname. For example if you have Bill Burgar and Bill Benton then BB will represent Bill Burgar and BBe will represent Bill Benton.

You can use the initials of anyone in any of the attendee lists or interested party lists.

If you want to create a question you just start the line with the intials of the person you want followed by a '?'. For example: BB? When will the next version be released?

To create an agenda you need to have the word 'agenda:' on a line by itself followed by agenda items on each of the following lines. The extract feature will pull out each line as an agenda item until it finds a blank line or the end of the text. See video of how to extract an agenda.