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A MeetingGold document is built from a list of document parts. While you are working in one document, you may need to get a document part from another meeting document and include it in the current one. For example, you may be in a meeting and an action on a related matter comes up in the conversation. You need to bring that action into the current document to note current status and to show that it was discussed. You need to 'get' that document part. 

To append one or more document parts to the end of the document either tap the add icon  at the top of the screen and choose 'Get Part From Another Document' or the get icon  at the end of the document. You can insert document parts between other document parts by using the 'get' facility from the menu icon  and choosing to 'Add above' or 'Add below' as appropriate.


Once you've chosen 'get' you will be taken to a modified main screen where you can select the document parts you want to bring in. To select them just tap the check box and then tap the 'done' button at the top. You will then be taken back to the document where the document parts you chose will be inserted. You can then update them as you wish.