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Introduction to Chase Dates

I've not seen the concept of a 'Chase Date' in any other time management system that I've used but in management terms it is extremely useful. Essentially, it is the date you have agreed with someone who has responsibility for an action that you will contact them to see how they are progressing with the task.

It is much better to agree a chase date in advance with people.

From the manager's point of view it reduces anxiety about when to chase. It helps to eliminate the 'I wonder how that task is going' nagging doubts. You can put the worry aside knowing that you've agreed you will chase on a particular day. It means that you don't fall into the trap of constantly nagging the person for an update. Finally, it means that the manager doesn't waste time chasing tasks. Just chase once - that's all it takes.

From the employee's point of view it gets the nagging manager off his back. It gives him greater control over the task which is better from a motivational standpoint and it means he can plan his time better and not have to keep reprioritising based on the whims of his manager.

Setting up a Chase Date

Chase dates are used as part of actions. Set the chase date as the action is agreed. "When will you get the action done by?" and "I'll chase you on this date. Is that okay?" are the two things you need to establish on each action. Get into this habit and your follow up on meetings will be more effective.

Once you've added the action just tap on the chase date to set it.

Viewing Actions That Need Chasing

On the main screen choose the 'Actions to Chase' view. This gives you a view of all actions that are passed their chase date. You can narrow the search by selecting one or more people at the top.

You can then chase the actions listed. Typically, this may be by phone call or during a face-to-face meeting. You should select the actions you wish to chase by tapping the check box on the left of each one. Then create a new document using the selected items. Then you are ready to chase during a phone call or meeting.

See also chasing by email.