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Summary Item Overview

A summary item is a document part that you can use in a similar way to standard text document parts but the summary has a few extra uses.

First of all it is really good meeting practice to summarise each part of the meeting as you go. For example at the end of each agenda item jot down a few notes summarising what was decided and why. It takes very little time and has two main benefits:


  1. It keeps everyone in the meeting focused on the meeting agenda and your collective progress through it. This helps to give everyone a feeling of positive progress and ensures that there are fewer misunderstandings.
  2. It makes referring back to notes much easier after the meeting. Reading each agenda point with a matching summary is a very quick way to get up to speed with what happened in the meeting for everyone reading the document regardless of whether they were at the meeting or not.


Inserting a Summary Item

Summary items are inserted the same way as any other document part. You can create a new summary document part and append it to the document from the add icon  at the top right or by tapping the summary icon  at the end of the document.

To insert midway in the document you tap the menu icon  of the document part above or below where you want to add the summary. Then chose 'Add above' or 'Add below' as appropriate.

Summary text can be edited exactly the same as standard text document parts.

Viewing Summaries

Summaries are listed in the main document just like any other document part but you can get a better view by choosing the 'Agenda and Summaries' view.

How does the summary look in Microsoft Word format?

When sending out meeting notes a Word document is automatically created and attached to the email along with the MeetingGold document. Anybody using MeetingGold can use the ' Agenda and Summaries' view to see a summary of the meeting. For those people who are not as with it and who are still stuck in the age of word processors, the Word docx file contains a summary section.

Meeting Summary section taken from a meeting document as viewed in Pages on a MAC.