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Inserting a picture document part.

If you have an iPad with a camera you can take pictures and with all iPads you can include pictures that are already on the iPad.

You can append a photo to the end of the document by tapping the add icon  or by tapping the camera icon  at the bottom of the document. Alternatively, you can insert a picture above or below another document part by using the menu icon  to the left of the document part where you want to insert and then choosing 'Add Above' or 'Add Below' as appropriate.

Adding the picture to the document part.

Once you've inserted a picture document part tap the camera icon or the menu icon on the left and choose 'Picture' and 'Choose Picture' and choose from your existing pictures or 'Take Picture' and use the camera.

You can take pictures of anything: papers that are handed out during the meeting, whiteboard diagrams, objects, scenes, etc. and add some caption text which can be formatted the same as other text.