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During a meeting there are four ways to add an action:

1. Add at the end of the document via the top menu.

2. Add at the end of the document using the end of document icons (tap the running man icon).


3. Via the document part menu (to add above or add below another document part).

4. By getting the action from another document.

You can use 'get' from the top menu, the end of document or the document part menu. Tap the 'get' icon.

This takes you to the main view where  you can select the action(s) you want by tapping the checkbox on the left hand side. Once you've selected the actions you want tap the done button at the top and the selected actions (or any other document parts or full meetings that you've selected) will be added to your document.


Viewing actions later

On the main screen under 'Views' there is a whole string of different views for finding actions.


The text with each view should be self explanatory. I recommend you use the 'Actions Assigned To Nobody' frequently to check that somebody is always accountable for all actions. You should also check daily on the overdue and chase actions views to keep on top of the people reporting to you.