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When you send meeting notes out by email using the send icon a Microsoft Word format document is included (.docx) along with the MeetingGold file (.mtgz)

The Word document should load on any piece of software that is compliant with the Office Open XML standard (ECMA-376). That means that MS Word on PC and MAC should open the files properly and Pages on the MAC. You should be able to view the files on an iPad too.

The Office Open XML standard is extensive and not all programs interpret the contents of the documents in identical ways.  MeetingGold produces documents that conform to the standard. 

Why are my fonts changed when displaying on different machines? Fonts are probably the most notable issue when sending Word documents between machines. Unfortunately, everything has different fonts. iPad is different to Mac is different to PC. The XML standard defines how to cope with this. The app that creates the document recommends alternative fonts to use for each font it places in the document. MeetingGold puts this information in the document (it has equivalent fonts listed for PC and MAC) but not all receiving software does something with this information. This means that the font that shows on different machines may vary.