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Often actions that we pick up at meetings are compound-actions i.e. we will be responsible for them but other people will work on them while we wait for them to do their bit. Then we will do something and pass the action to the next person before it comes back to us. Your task management app must be able to track these tasks bringing them to your attention when you need to work on them but otherwise keeping them out of sight and out of mind so that they are not taking your focus away from the tasks you can be working on.

Meeting Gold is not only a note taking app it is also a task management app which will help you to stay focused on doing the right task at the right time.

When you are responsibile for a task you want to have it show up on your pending actions list. If you have temporarily passed responsibility to someone else you want it to be removed from your list and added to theirs but you also want to be able to continue to track it and for it to reappear when you need to chase the person.

Meeting Gold does all this for you. Once an action is assigned you can track it through time, assign it to other people when appropriate and have it appear on the actions to chase list at the right time.

Furthermore, Meeting Gold helps you batch up all actions that you need to chase which are assigned to a particular person. This means you only need to contact them once to chase all their actions rather than doing it piecemeal one action at a time as you may do with other less well featured task managers.

This video shows how to track tasks over time and also how to batch chasing actions together to be more efficient.


A key thing to note is that in many task management apps there is no concept of who is responsible for a task. You may have overall responsibility but simply setting the status as 'waiting for someone' doesn't really do the job very well. When you interact with someone you want to ensure that you deal with all the items pertaining to that person not just the one task that you happen to be looking at. If you don't deal with everything in one go then you have to keep on calling them or emailing them about each item. Needless to say that is very inefficient particularly if you keep getting voicemail rather than getting through to them. Once you've got them on the phone you really need to deal with all items in one go. You need your task manager to serve up all the items for that person in one go. Meeting Gold is designed to work efficiently, helping you batch together all actions to chase with that person.

All you have to do is to recognise when a task is being handed off to someone and change the person responsible to them rather than you and to set a chase date for when you will talk to them. This is really easy and takes less than 10 seconds to do and saves you loads of time. The biggest thing that it does for you is to remove the task from your task list and present it to you at the right time. This is essential to help reduce stress. When you don't keep seeing the task in your task list you don't waste energy worrying about it nor do you spend time re-reading the task on each scan through your task list. It means that only tasks that you can work on are in your task list and you can maintain a laser focus on those tasks - you'll be much more productive as a result.