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To send tasks to Toodledo you first need to set up your Toodledo secret email address.

On the Meeting Gold Settings menu choose 'Task send settings', then 'Send to Toodledo'. You'll then be prompted for your secret email. If you don't know it just tap the 'Get Toodledo.com email' button which will take you to the Toodledo website. Login on the website, return to Meeting Gold and tap the 'Get Toodledo.com email' button again and it will take you to the right page where you will see your Toodledo secret email.

Enter your Toodledo secret email into the space in Meeting Gold and you are now ready to send actions to Toodledo.

To send an action simply find the action in a meeting document and tap the menu button to the left and choose 'Send to'. Then tap 'Toodledo'. An email will then pop up. Just tap send and a short while later the action will appear in Toodledo.

If the actions don't appear, double check that you have entered the correct Toodledo secret email address.