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There is one important rule that Meeting Gold is designed to obey: Meeting Gold must not change meeting notes without you expressly changing them yourself.

This means that to complete an action you either need to open old meeting notes and mark the action complete or you need to create a follow up meeting containing the action and mark it complete in the follow up meeting. Ideally as a matter of good practice you should not be editing meeting notes once the meeting is complete - you can if you want to but it is not good practice.

The most usual way to do this is to get a number of actions together in a meeting document for, say, a catch up meeting. Follow the instructions to create a catch up meeting which will result in a new meeting document containing the actions you want to up date. If you have actions yourself just create a new meeting document containing your actions and title it something like, "my work actions <date>" to do this follow these instructions to create a personal task list.

Once you have the meeting with the actions listed you can update them as you see fit e.g. mark them complete, change due dates, add notes etc. When you adjust the actions in this new document you ensure that the notes you took during the orginal meeting are left untouched as a proper permanent record of the meeting. The new document has the most up to date version of the action. 

To update the action just tap on the action status. If the action is 'open' just tap on the word 'open' and then chose to close the action from the pop up list.

I can't see the the action status field: If you can't see the action status field it is probably because you have changed the view so something other than 'Max'. You need to change back to Max view. To do that tap on the view icon (the 'eye') at the top right and choose 'Show/Hide', then tap on Max. You should now see the status field where you can mark the action closed.