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It is easy to chase actions by email. Choose the 'Actions to Chase' view. Select the actions you want to chase by tapping the check box for each one. Create a document containing the selected actions. Give the new document a title - something like "Chase actions with Joe". Add Joe to the attendees list and then send the meeting document by email, adding a note to the email to Joe asking him to update his actions and return the document to you.

If Joe doesn't have MeetingGold then he can see his actions listed in summary form in the email and in full in the Word document.

If Joe has MeetingGold then you and he have a very convenient and powerful tool for this type of chasing. The actions being chased are likely from a variety of different meetings in a variety of different projects. When you've pulled them together in a chasing email you've made it easy to do everything in once place. Joe receives the email and opens the document.

If he has been updating his actions as he works on them then his versions will be more upto date than the ones in the document you have sent him. All he has to do is tap on each grayed out action, getting the latest version into the document and then send the document back to you.

You then have all of the up to date information in one place so you can read through it easily and you also have the same information in the places where you will use it next.