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Once a contact has been added to the app and is used in a meeting it forms part of the permanent record of that meeting. One of the golden rules of Meeting Gold is that the app must not make changes to old meeting notes without you being made explicitly aware of it.

Removing contacts from the app is therefore a rather delecate business involving potentially changing old meeting notes without you being aware of it doing so. That means that at the moment you can't delete contacts from the list nor does contact information synchronise with the iPad main contacts list. You can edit a contact's details.

In a future version there will be a number of contacts admin functions which will allow you to remove contacts.

At the moment if you are absolutely desperate to tidy your contacts list you can do the following:


  1. Backup your meeting documents by using the 'Create email document archive' on the settings menu.
  2. Backup your iPad by plugging into iTunes.
  3. Delete meetings that have the person you want to remove listed in them either as attendee or assigned actions, questions, agenda items etc.
  4. Make a new document archive using 'Create email document archive' on the settings menu.
  5. If you are confident you have your back ups safe, delete the app.
  6. Reinstall the app.
  7. Find the document archive you created in step 4 above and tap and hold on it so that the 'open in' popover appears. Choose Meeting Gold.
  8. When Meeting Gold opens choose to import the archive files.
  9. A new contact list will be built from all the contacts that are used in the meetings in the archive. The contacts that you excluded by deleting the meetings they appeared in will not be present.