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To Archive a Single Meeting Document 

To archive a single meeting document simply send the meeting document by email to yourself. Make sure that you include the Meeting Gold attachment. Check that you've received the document in email. You can save the attachment to where ever you like (e.g. Dropbox). Once you have your document saved you can delete the meeting document from Meeting Gold.

To retrieve the document just tap on it (e.g. in the email or in Dropbox) and choose 'open in Meeting Gold'. The meeting document will then be restored.

To Archive all Meeting Documents

You can make a backup of all meeting documents by choosing 'Create email document archive' on the settings menu. This will create a Meeting Gold archive file which you can then email to yourself and store.

To restore the documents just tap on the archive file and use 'Open in Meeting Gold'.


Future improvements: I'm working on Dropbox and Webdav archiving which will be available in a future version.