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Each document part can be included in multiple meetings. Document parts can also travel to different iPads. This means that the same action can have many copies of itself.

Let's say we create an action in Meeting 1. That action is version 1. 

Then we attend a new meeting (Meeting 2) where the action is discussed and updated. That is action version 2.

If we open the Meeting 1 document we will see the original version of the action has been superceded (grayed out). We can get the newest version if we want to but may want to leave the meeting document as a proper permanent record of Meeting 1.

Now if we find the action in one of the main screen views (e.g. if it were one of my actions it would be in 'My Pending Actions').

As you can see the action is listed just once - the latest version of the action. You'll also notice that a new button has appeared - the 'other versions exist' buttonThis tells you that other versions are available. Tapping the buttom shows previous versions and changes the button to point downwards. (tap it again to hide the previous versions).

As you can see each version shows which meeting it exists in. You can open each version in its original meeting by tapping the open button . In this way you can see how an action changes through time. You can even add different versions of the same document part into the same document to see them altogether.