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Document versions are very similar to document part versions. A document may be sent to other MeetingGold users via email. If they edit that document and send it back to you then you will have two versions of the same document.  MeetingGold will show you the latest version in the views on the main screen and will add a 'other versions exist icon' to the document so that you know you can look at the older versions just tap the icon so it changes to a downward pointing arrow  and the previous versions are revealed in reverse chorological order (using the date/time they were last edited to decide the order).

A new document version will be created on your iPad when you open a document from email and it has a different last edited date from any other document identified as the same document. If you open a document from email that already exists on your iPad then the existing document will be opened - different versions of the same document are not identical.