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One of the key design goals of MeetingGold was to ensure that a document of a meeting could be a permanent record of what happened during that meeting. All of the actions, questions, agenda items can be used in new documents and changed in those new documents but the older versions in the original documents must remain unchanged unless you decide to go back and change them yourself.

As long as you don't go back and edit a document it will not change. 

You can make a backup of a document by emailing it to yourself. If you accidentally delete it you can get it back by tapping on the attachment in the email to open it in MeetingGold. It is then automatically re-included for you.

As a matter of good practice you should leave a meeting document as it is after a meeting so that it is a permanent record of what happened in that meeting. If you have a follow-on meeting you should create a new meeting document from the old one so that you have a proper record of the subsequent meeting.