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Use Outcome Thinking To Create Great Meeting Agendas


Special guest article from Malcolm Taylor of Your Excellency Malcolm Taylor of Your Excellency

What is a good meeting? An Agenda – Inclusive Discussion – Specific Agreed Actions that are followed up?

Could be, and how often do you leave disappointed, disillusioned and feel you have just wasted important time?

Here are some great meeting tips as a meeting organiser

  •  Think about - When the meeting is finished what do you want to have achieved?
  •  Imagine the meeting is ending – fast forward and mentally go to that time and imagine….
    • What do you see yourself doing?
    • What do you see others doing?
    • What are you saying to yourself and others?
    • What are they saying to you and each other?
    • How are you feeling about the meeting?
    • How do others feel?
  • This is called a sensory representation and by doing this we know what success looks (and sounds and feels) like.
  • Now you know the result you can develop the “how to” make it happen.
    • You will know what to include and exclude (and thereby stay on track).
    • What needs to be shared with the teams as to the outcome & content of the meeting.
    • How you need to prepare – physically and mentally as well as what materials or documents you need.
  • Focus on the “Do Want” as opposed to “Don’t Want” (our mind does not understand the word “don’t” and will create a representation of the very thing you don’t want –  e.g. don’t think about the last bad meeting you went to)

The process is called outcome thinking and by knowing your outcome you (and everyone else) will know what you are moving towards and thereby be efficient and effective with that valuable commodity – Time! 


Note from Bill Burgar: Malcolm's work is highly recommended. I've had the pleasure of working with him on numerous occasions - always with great outcomes. You can find out more on his website www.yourexcellency.co.uk

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