How to display your iPad screen on a projector
Monday, November 26, 2012 at 9:04AM
Bill Burgar in Advice

I've previously written about why you should always use a projector in meetings to show the meeting notes on the wall as you write them. But how do you show your iPad screen on a projector?

There are a few ways to do this depending on your projector setup.

My preferred method is to use AirPlay. This gives a wireless solution so you can move the iPad around and not have to worry about being hampered by cables. This solution also gives you much better flexibility in terms if what is shown on screen. For example you can show power point slides alongside the notes.

To set up this configuration you'll need to buy a low cost piece of software for your Mac that makes it into an AirPlay receiver. I use Reflection but there are others out there. Once you have installed Refection start it running and plug your Mac into the projector.

On your iPad double press the home button and swipe the icons at the bottom of the screen to the right to reveal the play and volume controls. You should see the AirPlay icon there. Tap it and it should list your Mac as a receiver. Choose your Mac and you should see your iPad screen appear on the Mac.

Now you can type notes on your iPad in Meeting Gold and see them appear on the projector screen. You can also use the Mac to show any power point slides etc. that are needed during the meeting on the screen at the same time.

Use AirPlay or plug in cables

The lower tech way to share your screen is to buy an adapter for your iPad that gives a standard VGA socket out. Plug that into the projector and a duplicate of your screen will appear. It's that simple.

VGA connector for the iPad (available from Apple)

There are two types of connector available for the iPad. The first is a VGA connector. This is the lowest common denominator connector and is the one you should get first. Projectors that don't have a VGA connector are very rare indeed so you should be able to connect to most projectors with this one. The down side of a VGA connnector is that the projector screen resolution tends to be lower. You'll need a standard VGA cable to go with this (often there is already one with the projector so you may not need the cable). 


HDMI connector (available from Apple)


The other type of connector is an HDMI connector. This gives the best resolution available but the downside is that you have to connect a power adapter (standard iPad charger) to it to give it sufficient power to do the job. That means more cable mess getting in the way. You'll need an HDMI cable to plug from the connector to the projector.

You need to use a projector in meetings to be most efficient

Writing just one set of notes per meeting is a very important way of working. It reduces misunderstandings and helps everyone work better as a team to achieve the goal of the meeting. Projecting the meeting notes is an excellent way to collaboratively create that single meeting document.

Of course you also need a good note taking app for the iPad. Use the link on the right to download Meeting Gold from the App Store now.

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