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Get a projector and write your meeting notes on the wall  

When I started my previous company in the early/mid nineties an LCD projector was an expensive and rare commodity. I remember making the decision to part with more than £3000 to get one. It was a major decision for an organic start up. We paid more for that projector than all the furniture in the meeting room put together. But it paid for itself very quickly. Ever since I’ve insisted on projectors in meeting rooms.

This is how to save yourself and your colleagues time and effort and to take a step forward in productivity: 


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Stop subjecting yourself to the agony of due dates

Received wisdom is that all actions should have a due date. Apparently it focuses people and ensures that the action is done in a timely way.

That would be true if that were the only action the person had or they had sufficient time to do it in amongst all their other tasks. The problem is that most people have far more tasks than the time to do them.

You know the syndrome: all Outlook tasks RED and OVERDUE.

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Why "Any Other Business" (AOB) should be banned

Have you ever noticed that there are often more topics up for discussion under the "Any Other Business" title than there are on the whole of the rest of the agenda?

AOB is an excuse. It is an excuse to be lazy in preparing the agenda and it is an excuse for attendees not to bother thinking about the meeting in advance. Having AOB on an agenda is a sign post which clearly points to mayhem. It should be banned.


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Why the iPad is a perfect tool for business

Maybe not everybody can see it yet but this is the way it is heading. We have reached the point where the mobile device is powerful enough that most of the day-to-day tasks that the typical office worker encounters can be done on the iPad. They are predicting about 48 million iPad sales in 2012 - a good number of those will be used in the workplace.

There are a number of reasons that the iPad is becoming more popular in business, but the top three have to be: the extreme portability of the device (light and convenient), the fact that it switches on instantly and the very long battery life. Of course there are other compelling reasons for using the iPad: you can use it standing up holding it in one hand and doing the work with the other, you can put it on a table in a meeting without creating a barrier between you and the other meeting participants and you can use other devices with it (such as a bluetooth keyboard) to speed up data entry and give more screen space - even when  carrying an external keyboard with the iPad it is still smaller and lighter than a laptop. 

It's all quite compelling, but there is a missing component. That is the software: it is mostly lightweight and doesn't punch at the same level as desktop and laptop machines. However, that is rapidly changing. More app developers are creating heavy weight software that does an excellent job. That's where I'm aiming to be with MeetingGold: a seriously heavy weight app that allows you to use the iPad for your daily work and that makes meetings painless and productive.

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MeetingGold is now available on the App Store

I'm delighted to announce that MeetingGold is now available on the App Store. It has been great fun creating the app and I'm looking forward to getting feedback from more real users to help guide the direction of future versions.

I'd like to thank all of the people who have given me help and encouragement along the way. In particular Steve Rasmussen (stephenrasmussen.com) for his creative and design work on the graphics side of the app, Craig Scott (iThoughts) for his encouragement, advice and critique, Anthony McKay for his feedback and advice, and last but by no means least, my wife Emma, for her support and encouragement throughout the development process.

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