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MeetingGold for iPad is a product created by me, Bill Burgar. I recently left the business that I co-founded more than 20 years ago having sold my controlling share. As the Managing Director of a successful business which was listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange I attended a great many meetings. Along with all aspects of the business I also had overall responsibility for staff training and development within the company.

Bill Burgar, creator of MeetingGold

Time management, personal productivity and project management have been a passion of mine from very early in my career and I developed different systems over the years. As  technology improved I moved from paper based systems (remember the Filofax?) to Psion (a great personal organiser) and Palm devices combined with various PC based software including Microsoft Outlook and OneNote.

With the iPad I see the the perfect tool for time and meeting management and I predict that over the coming years there will be a steady move toward tablet computer use in business. Instant-on, extreme portability, and all day battery life make it highly desirable for the business user. I think that the iPad is clearly the best of breed and will remain so for many years.

With MeetingGold I'm working to combine my software engineering background with my extensive business experience to create an app that can help managers, team leaders and project managers to be more effective and efficient. I'm creating the app that I always wished I had when I was running a busy, fast-moving technology company.

I view MeetingGold as an ongoing, evolving project. I'm delighted with the latest version. I use it personally as my work and home organisation tool. I'll be working hard over the coming years to continually improve it.

I welcome feedback from users and would be delighted to hear from you - contact me


Graphic Design and Visual Creative Work by Stephen Rasmussen

"My professional commitment is to consistently execute my craft with the utmost passion, precision, and creativity, within the parameters of each individual project." - Stephen Rasmussen

A creative since childhood, Stephen believes that design work is a collaborate process between client and designer. MeetingGold has embodied this philosophy by taking this powerful iPad application and giving it a sense of character, personality, while enhancing it’s highly functional elegant design.

Stephen is available as a freelancer for App design, corporate branding, and website design. Based in London England, he often works remotely with clients producing consistently positive results.

Please visit stephenrasmussen.com to view examples of his work.